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Here we are going to talk about the people who are the Backbone of almost every Residential, Company, Industries and even small shops...Yes you guessed it right…The Service Providers. Be it a Healthcare service provider Insurance Provider, Cleaning ServiceTechnical Service, Vehicle Management or Pest control service provider or a Delivery Services, these are the people behind every beautiful home and successful business of the companies and without them the survival is next to impossible. The proper Definition of this would be, “A service provider is an individual or entity that provides services to another party”. But it goes beyond this definition.


As the Providers role is really crucial and its very important part to understand how they should be rewarded or treated in terms of business and respect, let’s first see that what is currently happening in the market related to the service providers.Most of the user like Residential or Commercial, always ask for standard and registered mark like ISO etc., however we always forget such (Like ISO…) standards certification is an industry norm for pre-tender qualifications, to verify the service provider standards but most of service providers are small or an individual who has already the all respective qualification along with experience but most of the time they miss to get the good opportunity to grow and become a big identity in business and service supports, and it make them land with many issues and let them to work with other online  service provider (On Line Portal) or attached with big identity as sub contractor which  resulting to  some of the issues like…

  1. Work under the other companies compliances along with Terms and Conditions.
  2. Due to lot of investment on Digital and Technical, an Individual or Small Service Provider is force to depend on others resulting paying high service fees or commissions?
  3. No Direct Contact of Customers after sales.
  4. Loss of own brand awareness among the customer though service provider is doing all work
  5. No Direct Negotiations of cost in case sales is cancel or due to high rate
  6. High margin on net and gross rate b/w service provider and online portal companies.
  7. Fund flow for managing the daily operational activity since Online Portal companies pay after certain time
  8. Lack of support during emergency by Online Portal Companies.
  9. Most of time sit on system to grab the business else business will move to other provider and many more issues…

Currently as per the situation there is struggle going on with Cost Savings and Generating the Revenue for their core business so being a Service provider sounds really cool and all but it is totally the opposite of what you really think it is. As there is saying, “With great power comes great responsibility” written by ‘Voltaire’. As a provider every day is a challenge. For example if you are a Cleaning Service provider you face the issue of Operational Efficiency, Insufficient funding, Lack of skillful people in the industry, Mapping of Digital Ecosystem, etc. Being a Cleaning service provider the difficulties are all the more worse due to Covid-19 situation all around the world. The service should be impeccable which creates a lot of pressure on the companies. Commercial and Industrial cleaning has become really essential for the safety of everyone working in that premises. Disinfecting and Sanitization is altogether a different domain in itself nowadays. So many more individual and Parent companies are focusing on the important aspect which is Labour, Productivity, Budget and Safety. If we talk about other service providers like Technical service providers they face challenges regarding the Trust on Professionals authentications and its skills with Experience, These are some practical life problems faced by the providers…there are many more but it will be covered in my upcoming blogs.. So let’s move on to the real issue solutions, which is the Profitability or margin earned by the Providers.


Service providers are having a hard time coping up with the profit margins and business they have been doing due to lesser profit and now raised in the demands Due to hope control over pandemic, but the margins of the service providers have not. Different industries are facing different problems. Online Portal Companies or Add words cost limit the provider’s profit by giving them a fix margin of 5% to 20%. And they don’t let them have their work freedom and bind them by various types of terms & conditions. Without the freedom to work properly the provider’s situation will become worse day by day. There are company like Teluscare which provide great flexibility and also great profit margins to the providers. There is great initiation started by the company taking the problems of the Providers into consideration of becoming an Independent Strategic Business Provider on your own Terms & Rate. These are the highlights of the program:

1. Assured to minimize the cost on Digital/Traditional Marketing along with Operational Expense.

2. Assured to maximize the revenue >12k to 100k/PM on availability.

3. AI based auto promotion on search engine and social media for offers and rates.

4. Promise to make 90% advance booking based on availability as per your rate and schedule

5- Make financial freedom and get online payment within 72/Hrs. directly in your account along with Cash Collection options.

5. Work on your own rates and terms and create your own brand image in market with

So if this doesn’t excites you as a provider, then you should think on your priorities. Plus there are tons of more benefits.


So then understanding the situation of the providers it’s up to the companies and people who need the services of the providers. It is the kind of benefit, which will return back to you through the process just like TAX, which is a mandate to pay, but almost nobody does Helping the providers on this too, TelusCare shall help you grow your business and company at staggering rate and protecting the business legality.