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As a homeowner, you understand the negative impact of experiencing pest problems. This is among the worst nightmares for several people that own homes or perhaps businesses. Of course, you've got the option of selecting a better solution, which involves trying to eradicate those pesky critters yourself using an over-the-counter pest spray otherwise you could hire a pest control service for a more professional approach. In order to get rid of these pesky little pests, we should clean our surroundings thoroughly and make use of pest control methods. Pest control is employed to manage and exterminate pests and help reduce and suppress pest levels.

We have learned a huge deal about the science of Pest control and Pest management, both; while doing my day-to-day activities and researching in Pest Control. I know that pest control practices use to be a lot different back then; effective, but much more dangerous, where pests were doused with chemicals and pesticides. This practice was very harmful to the surrounding environment, and the local inhabitants both humans and pets.

Today, I’m happy to say that Pest Control professionals will assess the magnitude of the infestation and from there invent a plan to effectively yet safely remove the pests. That is what we do here at TelusCare. Because we are certified and experienced, we are committed to only do what is required to take care of the problem using the safest materials available in the market today. There is a misconception regarding pest control services, as everybody who doesn’t opt to hire professionals for pest control thinks that they can do it by their selves at home. DIY is a common technique used by every homeowner who thinks that they can handle these insects by themselves. People need to understand that there are several things about these insects that they don’t know but we do as TelusCare have professionals who have dedicated their life on researching and exterminating these pests from roots, plus they have several methods to eliminate them such as uses of gases, liquid, and solid pesticides as well.

Still not convinced? Ok, we will let you know the difference in the techniques, knowledge, and services provided by TelusCare’s professionals for pest control, and maybe then you will understand the actual difference between a normal DIY technique and Professional pest control techniques. First of all, let’s know the benefits of hiring a professional pest control service:


1. Structured Plans

2. Cost

3. Health Safety

4. Time saver

5. Knowledge & Education

6. Technical Advancement

7. Follow up



Every house and office is different, and so is every pest infestation. This means that the best way to deal with a pest problem will differ from situation to situation. If you’re trying to educate yourself on how to handle pests on your own, you probably are using some browsers or reviews to search for the most effective over-the-counter pesticides method. However, you’ll only find commonly shared ideas there – not the specific information you need to combat the problem with a plan.

Pest control experts from TelusCare will understand how to customize the methods and get the optimum results. They will consider things like how huge your home or office is, how many rooms or cabins it has, how severe the problem is, and how to keep pests away in the long run. They will be on your side throughout the procedure, showing you what they’re doing, where, and why. The experts will monitor the success of the plan and change it according to their needs.



You might be ignoring professional pest help because of the cost. However, the initial investment is well worth the money that you will save in the long run. If you don’t get pest problems fixed, they can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Termites, carpenters ants, cockroaches, rats, and other common pests can be incredibly problematic to your home. If you don't understand how to find them, you might think the problem is gone – but a professional can tell you if the pests have really been eliminated or not. The cost of hiring a professional is high but the value of the damage pests can do to your home over time.



Pest control experts from TelusCare know how to use their products effectively and safely. You may be able to buy pest control products like poison on your own, but if you don’t skills to use them safely, you may find yourself with a lot of problems. A lot of companies now use green, environmentally friendly products, so if that’s your concern you’ll still be able to find professionals that may assist you. However, some products can still be dangerous for you to handle, although they’re safe for the environment.

The expert's skills to stay you, your family, and your pets safe. Avoid exposing yourselves to chemicals and other dangers – leave it in the hands of the experts instead. There are many health risks related to common pests. If you are trying to require care of them on your own, you’re exposing yourself to the likelihood of disease and injury. This can end in medical bills that cost much more than professional pest control. If you employ the incorrect method to urge obviate pests, it can backfire and cause them to attack you, or spread farther around your house. Mice and lots of insects can carry harmful diseases, while other pests like wasps can hurt you if you disturb their nest.



You’re probably busy taking care of labor, hobbies, and other things. Combatting pests can be a time-consuming task. Professionals will offer you back your time, freeing you up to concentrate on the things that actually matter. The best pest control companies will work around your schedule, instead of letting you wait around for them to indicate up. Professionals understand that you’re busy, and offer pest control services that employment for you.

Whether you need an inspection, a quote, or are ready for pest control to start, you’ll find that many companies offer services on evenings and weekends if you need them. The timing of pest control methods is important. If you’re on your own, you would possibly forget an important treatment at the correct time, which may set you back in the war against pests. Let the experts keep track of timing everything perfectly so you'll get rid of the problem faster.


When you have a pest problem, you most likely want to grasp how to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Professional pest control can teach you the way to forestall future issues so you never need to affect an equivalent problem twice. The best pest control experts will teach you what they’re doing and why every step of the way. They’ll show you ways to acknowledge the first signs of a pest invasion, so you'll catch it before it becomes a serious issue. They’ll also teach you simple ways to stop pests from taking over residence in your home again.





Newer and better methods of pest control are constantly being developed. Professional pest experts will know what the newest methods are, and the way to use them effectively. Don’t struggle with old, outdated methods of pest control that you simply heard about online. Trust the experts to be at the leading edge of the industry, offering solutions that you simply may never have heard of before.



A good pest control company will always offer to follow up and confirm their treatments worked. If the treatments didn’t work, the experts will keep working to urge obviate the matter for you without charging you again.



After hearing these benefits I know many of you will consider hiring professionals for pest control and some of you may still be sceptical about hiring us. But remember this that the work done by professionals is on a different level as they have the expertise and knowledge to understand the situation and work accordingly. Use of advance pesticides and machinery is a day job for the professionals of TelusCare. It will only provide benefits in the near future as well as in the present for people who are really in a problematic situation due to these insects. It also saves you from dangerous situations of illnesses and diseases which is very much the first concern anyone would be worried about. So hiring a professional pest control service is a necessity rather than an option. It is the only way to provide you the sense of satisfaction that you are free from pest’s infestation.