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Have you just finished cooking and found some disgusting cockroaches crawling around in your kitchen just a few hours later? It is never a good sight and not good news. Even if you continually keep your kitchen spotlessly clean, you might still find cockroaches in the kitchen. Often, cockroaches could be breeding under your kitchen sink, underdrains, slabs, or corners of cabinets. Cockroaches can spread many diseases, and you must immediately implement ways to get rid of these pests.

If you are lost about how to get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen, keep reading this article. Below is a list of the best ingredients to efficiently eliminate these annoying, disgusting creatures from your kitchen.

7 Best Ways that you can remove cockroaches from your kitchen

Sugar and silica aerogel- One of the best ingredients to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen is silica aerogel. You need to use the silica aerogel and sugar in the ratio of 3:1. Mix them both and then sprinkle this mixture or powder in the places where you have seen any cockroaches. It would be best if you spread this mixture several times to start getting results.

Essential oils-Aromatherapy has been the talk all around for quite some time now. Thus, you would be well aware that you can use it for all kinds of healing purposes, skincare, and even to give the interiors of your house a pleasant fragrance. However, did you know some essential oils work miracles and work wonders in keeping pests at bay? This is true. Essential oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil, etc., work wonders in keeping bugs and pests like cockroaches at bay. You need to spray these oils around your kitchen and let the aroma do the rest of the job. Not only will you not have to work about any disgusting cockroaches anymore, but you will also have a kitchen that smells beautiful.

Garlic, onion, and pepper- These ingredients are readily available in your kitchen. Thus, you can quickly try this hack to eliminate cockroaches in your kitchen. You must prepare a paste of onion and garlic and mix it with pepper powder. Then add a liter of water to this mixture. You have to spread this mixture in the places infested by cockroaches and watch it work wonders in a few days.

Neem leaves- Neem is a medicinal plant that is sued for many purposes. One of the uses of neem is to keep pests and bugs away from your kitchen. Whether you decide to use neem oil in your kitchen or neem leaves, rest assured that no more cockroaches will be invading your kitchen when you regularly use this ingredient. All you need to do is keep several neem leaves in your kitchen, and you will start seeing results within a few days. Mix some water with neem oil and spray it around your kitchen. That would stop any bugs and pests from breeding in your kitchen.

Boric acid- This is an ancient remedy for getting rid of pests and bugs like cockroaches. You should use boric acid along with sugar to get the best results. The basic idea behind this hack is that the sugar lures in all kinds of bugs and pests that might invade your kitchen, and then the boric acid kills them as soon as they ingest the sugar. You only need to mix the sugar and boric acid and spread the mixture carefully all around your kitchen. Try this hack to get rid of disgusting bugs and pests immediately.

Bleach and pine-sol- Bleach is something you can easily find in your home. However, it would be best if you also got pine-sol for this hack to work. Firstly, you must boil the two ingredients- pine-sol and bleach, together in the water. Then, it would be best if you poured this mixture into all the areas where cockroaches might be breeding in your kitchen. This is an excellent way of removing pesky cockroaches from your home. 

Bay leaves- Surely, you use bay leaves in many of the dishes you make at home. It is an excellent aromatic and gives a very nice flavor to food. But did you know bay leaves work wonders in getting rid of cockroaches? All you have to do is crush some bay leaves into a powder. Then you have to sprinkle this powder around your kitchen. The aroma is enough to keep all kinds of pests and bugs out of your kitchen.


All of the above-listed ways are totally chemical-free and easy to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen. They are pesky, disgusting creatures that spread many diseases, especially when breeding in your kitchen. Cockroach control is an important aspect in the overall sanitation of your kitchen. If you have been unable to get the desired results by the above hacks, you should call pest or cockroach control services to get rid of them.