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Deep-cleaning all the rooms in your entire house might sound like an impossible task, but it is, in fact, not so. You might find deep cleaning your home impossible and overwhelming, but if you do it methodically, you will find it's done in no time! Moreover, cleaning is quite therapeutic, so you might enjoy the process. Also, you would get a sense of relief and accomplishment from doing such a chore.

Even if you generally keep your house spotless all the time, it will need deep-cleaning once in a while. The key to deep-cleaning your entire home is to break the process into smaller and more manageable parts.

For example, you could have a room-specific plan and tackle a few rooms in each part of the project. Keep reading to find the best ways to deep-clean your house methodically and without much hassle.


How to deep-clean the Bedroom

1. Launder the bedding:

Wash all such items like shams, duvet covers, bed skirts, pillows, and also the things which are filled with down. To ensure that you deep-clean them, give these items an extra spin cycle to speed up the drying. It would be best if you dried the down pillows on a low setting so that the down doesn't get clumped. To dry synthetic pillows, air-dry them outside. Use the laundromat and one extra-large front loader if you have bulky comforters.

2. Freshen up the mattress:

While you launder the bedding, you can clean the mattress. First, sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for one hour. Then use the hose attachment and vacuum it. Flip the mattress as per the manufacturer's instructions and repeat the cleaning process.

3. Declutter your closet:

Separate all the clothes you didn't wear the past season or year, bag them, and put them out for donating or consigning. Spruce up your wardrobe with matching hangers. When your closet looks nice, you will be more motivated to keep it clean.

How to deep-clean the Kitchen

1. Polish all the cabinets:

First, start polishing all the exposed tops. Then cut up a newspaper or shelf liners to fit them inside. This way, you have to replace the papers the next time you clean. Then, use a wood cleaner and start wiping the cabinet doors, both the front and back.

2. Deep clean inside and around all appliances:

When your fridge is empty, wipe it down on the inside. Clean your fridge on the outside too. Repeat this process for the dishwasher and stove as well. If you can, pull all the appliances away from the walls and clean around the walls and floors.

3. Tidy the countertops:

To clean the counters, move everything off them, clean and dry them. After the surfaces are dry, keep only those items on the counters you use daily. Find other hidden spots for all other items.

4. Bonus task:

Clean your pantry shelves by removing everything from them and cleaning them thoroughly. You could try using a large roasting pan to catch crumbs while cleaning. Renting an air compressor to remove dust bunnies from your refrigerator coils is also a good idea to clean efficiently.

How to deep-clean the Bathroom

1. Wash the shower curtain:

Before washing it, you must check the shower curtain's label. Generally, cleaning these curtains on a gentle cycle in cold settings will be good. Keep a low setting on the dryer. Remove and then rehang the curtain when it's fully dry.

2. Work on shower doors:

To remove soap scum and water spots on shower doors, use heated distilled white vinegar. Reply and keep the doors wet for about half an hour. Then scrub the doors with a non-scratch pad sprinkled with baking soda. Since talc and animal fat in regular soap leaves that residue on shower doors, switch to glycerine soap. This way, your shower would be cleaner for longer.

3. Declutter cabinets:

Bring some order to the chaos under the sink by pulling everything out and tossing whatever you don't use. Wipe down the cabinets and put in the items you use by category.

How to deep-clean the Family Room and Living Room?

1. Spruce up the furniture: 

Vacuum any surface with upholstery, along with the backs and brush attachments. Remove the cushions from your sofa and wash them.

2. Dust off the frames:

Take down the farmed artworks in your living room and dust the front and back with a damp microfiber cloth. Ensure that you don't spray anything directly on the glass. That could ruin the pictures as the liquids could seep inside the frames.

3. Dust under Appliances:

Try moving some of the appliances from their places. Then you can sweep out the dust behind and underneath them. You could also try opting for an ultra-thin dusting wand.

4. Bonus task:

Building on the first point, launder the throws and all the pillow covers. If you have CDs, DVDs, or video games in cabinets, throw out what you don't need. If you find something valuable and relevant, you could try selling them too.

Take away

So now you know how to deep-clean all the rooms in your house. However, it could be pretty tedious, and you might not be able to dedicate the time to it because of a demanding job. In that case, fret not, for we have got you covered!

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