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One aspect of being a homeowner is very perplexing and disturbing. This is the aspect of cleaning homes. We know, that in this 21st century, everyone is leading a super fast lifestyle with extremely busy schedules. In this situation cleaning your house might be an extra burden to you.

But there are no other options except cleaning because otherwise dist, dirt would give rise to certain kinds of diseases and allergies. Therefore, cleaning is the only solution left to you. You might be worried about How frequently you should deep clean your home? Do not worry anymore. We would present you with a proper guide on deep cleaning. 

How Often Should a Home Be Deep Cleaned?

You must conduct a deep cleaning of your home for safety purposes. Breathing clean air free of dust is extremely beneficial for your health. Cleaning and maintenance of your home keep away bacteria, viruses and allergens from your home.

There can never be any absolute answer to the question which says, “how often should a house be deep cleaned?”. But you can take up various ways like daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly, and yearly cleaning procedures for deep cleaning of your house. 

Creating a Deep Cleaning Schedule

You must have a specific deep cleaning schedule for your household based on your home’s unique needs. Not every household needs daily or weekly cleaning. Some household cleaning need gets fulfilled when you clean them monthly or twice a year.

A deep cleaning schedule is also dependent on the demographic situation of your house. Your house can get clumsy if you have pets at your home. It can also become dirty, you have your little ones in your house. Also, if many people inhabit your home, it needs daily cleaning. So as you can understand, the cleaning schedule of your home is dependent on different factors. 

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Some sections of our home need daily cleaning. While making your house deep cleaning schedule, you must include certain portions of your home that needs to be cleaned daily. Let us see what those areas are.

  • Laundry- You might be of the opinion to do laundry on a weekly basis. But, according to us, if you do not pile up your clothes for laundry every day and clean them on a regular basis then it would solve a lot of problems related to cleaning of your household.
  • Bedroom- The bedroom is the place where you take a rest after a day full of busy schedules and tiredness. For your own comfort and aesthetics, you must clean your bed every morning.
  • Kitchen- To prevent the spread of bacteria in your home, you must clean your kitchen every day. You must have a very hygienic meal for remaining healthy. Thus, for ensuring hygiene and cleanliness, you must clean your kitchen every day.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

There are certain tasks that are not required to do daily. These deep-cleaning tasks can be undertaken by you on a weekly basis. Let us see what these tasks are:-

  • Dusting from top to bottom- You must find the places where dust and dirt do accumulate in your house. You must dust these places once a week properly.
  • Using vacuum cleaners- You must use vacuum cleaners to dust your home once a week.
  • Changing the bed sheets and pillow covers- Dust also gets accumulated even if the beds are cleaned thoroughly every day. So the best thing is to change the bedsheets and pillow covers every week.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Earlier we had discussed the daily and weekly deep cleaning activities that you must undertake to keep your house clean. Come, let us see what activities you can undertake on a monthly basis for deep cleaning your house.

  • Trash can- You can sanitise your trash can on a monthly basis
  • Kitchen- The kitchen is one such place that needs to be cleaned very often. So on your house deep cleaning routine, you can keep a monthly cleaning strategy for your kitchen
  • Refrigerator- You must make a survey of your refrigerator and find everything that is unnecessary and is not consumed for the entire month. You must see the manufacturing date and decide accordingly. Apart from that, to prevent the spread of a bad odour from the refrigerator, you can clean it on a monthly basis which would be hygienic as well.
  • Cleaning of appliances- You must clean appliances like the mixture grinder, washing machine, dryer, and light fixtures on a monthly basis.

Quarterly Cleaning Tasks

In a busy lifestyle, it is very difficult to clean the house on a regular basis. For that, you can resort to quarterly cleaning strategies. The quarterly cleaning strategies are given below.

  • Cleaning the bathroom- The bathroom is the place where you get rid of all the dirt of the outer world. So you must keep a special emphasis on the cleaning of the bathrooms. Since doing it is time-consuming, so you can do it in a quarterly manner.
  • Doorframes and switchboards- These are the areas that are often neglected in the process of deep cleaning. You can clean it quarterly. 

Yearly Cleaning Tasks

Although you keep your house cleaned by various daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly plans there are certain things that you should do on a yearly basis. 

Let us find out what those things are.

  • Cleaning the apparatus of the bathroom- The apparatus of the bathroom like showers should be cleaned yearly.
  • Indoor apparatus- There are different types of things like carpets and upholstery in our household that needs to be cleaned yearly.


As it has become very evident to you, we have discussed various schedule for house deep cleaning. You can make a plan based on the unique attributes of your house and your own free time. After reading these plans, if you face any difficulty in cleaning your house, then you can contact the best residential cleaning service in Dubai.