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We are all struck within a very tight schedule. Cleaning our house is something that is regarded as most necessary. But, we tend to neglect it due to the other workloads that we have. Now, what can be the solution to this problem? Well, we have thought about it and our experts have come forward with certain hacks or easy steps that would really be helpful to you.

You can find a lot of answers to the question “how to clean your house?” But getting deep cleaning hacks over there is very difficult. But do not worry. We are here with all the answers about routine cleaning that would make your task easier. 

9 Hacks that make your house clean 

We all know how to clean the house. But there are certain hacks that make the task very easy and appealing. These hacks are less time-consuming. They are a sort of instant solution to the problem of cleaning the household. 

1. Clean your microwave- 

Cleaning the microwave oven is not an easy task. But if you do not clean it, bacteria and viruses will thrive on it. This will make your food polluted. Microwave oven also requires a lot of maintenance to sustain.

To get rid of the food stains, you can steam clean your microwave oven. Fill up a microwave oven-proof bowl with water, essential oil, and white vinegar. And let it run for a few seconds in the microwave oven. It allows the residue to loosen up and is one of the best deep cleaning hacks. 

2. Take the help of a hair dryer- 

You must have observed water rings on your dining or coffee table. This can happen due to sweaty glasses. Use a hair dryer to dry the water ring spots on your table. And then, you can apply a few drops of olive oil to recondition the wooden surface of the table.

3. Use the dishwasher for other utensils- 

It is known as the dishwasher but you are free to use it for other cooking utensils as well. This will help lessen the chores and clean your utensils in no time.

4. Put a small amount of baking soda on your mattress- 

One of the most important deep cleaning hacks for your house is using baking soda. You can use baking soda on the mattress on which you sleep to absorb foul odours. This also helps in giving a refreshing vibe to your bed. 

5. Try to lessen the foul odour from your home- 

It is one of the worst things to have a smelly home. A foul smell from our home can lessen the warmth of our home. It can happen due to a lot of reasons but the most important of them are filling up with trashes. One of the deep cleaning tips and tricks is to boil something in the kitchen that smells good like an essential oil. The aroma of the essential oil would vouch to lessen the foul smells. On the other way round, you can also use an air freshener. 

6. Clean your mops, dust pans and brooms- 

We use this equipment to deep clean our house but have we ever thought that it needs cleaning too? Well, yes, you must also clean your mops, pans and brooms. This will eliminate the chances of bacterial accumulation and fungus formation on them.

7. Wash the yellowing bed pillows- 

Cleanliness is also associated with self-care. Take a quick look at your pillows. Do they seem a bit yellowish? Do you want to throw them away for the stains? Do not do that. You can easily get away with that by hanging those pillow covers in the sun’s UV rays. 

8. Remove the rings in the bathtub- 

Are you disturbed by seeing the stains and water rings in your bathtub? Do not worry. We are here with the solution. You can use a quick hack for cleaning those water rings. Use a few drops of vinegar combined with water and keep them in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture into the bathtub and rinse it after some time. You would be amazed to see the result. 

9. Use a lint roller to clean the lamp shades- 

You cannot wash a lampshade in a washing machine. But what you can do is clean the lampshade with a lint roller. In this process of cleaning be careful as lampshades are very fragile.

Extra Tip: Seek professional help- 

If you are on a really busy schedule, you can seek professional help in terms of cleaning the house. You can avail the home deep cleaning service in Dubai like TelusCare, that not only serve you to their best, also take care of your well being. They can help you out if you fail to gather some time aside for cleaning your house.

Final Words

As you can see, these hacks will be very helpful if you can use them effectively in your kitchen, living room and the entire household. Cleaning your household gives you a sort of mental satisfaction. It is very pleasing to return to a clean and tidy home at the end of the day. 

You are free to take the help of these hacks that would really be helpful for your cleaning process. Remember, cleaning your house is also a form of self-care. Try to make your house clean and in turn, it will make you are satisfied, person.