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In learning more about the pests and ways to get rid of them, it can be interesting if you come across a bunch of interesting facts about them. Why not, afterall everyone likes to get information if it comes in a fun and interesting way. The TelusCare team has many years of experience working with bugs, rodents, and other forms of pest, and in this latest article, we’re highlighting several fun facts about pests and pest control.

1. Male spiders pluck their webs as guitar strings so as to attract the female spiders:-

The male spiders use this technique to attract the female ones Into attracting towards them for the process of mating. A lot of male spiders will actually generate a really specific quite musical pattern which the females can use to work out not only that they’re a male but they’re the proper species and whether she might want to mate with them also.

2. A Flea Can Jump 130 Times Its Height.

Much like ants, fleas have amazing strength and agility. Fleas can jump upto 130 times above their height. In human terms this is often adequate to a 6 feet person jumping 780 feet in to the air. This means they will move from surface to surface quickly and avoid detection.

3. Ants barely sleep.

You might be wondering, do ants sleep? If you have ever observed ants at different times of the day, or maybe in the dark, they always seem to move. But that's because ants take incredibly short power naps throughout the day — meaning that there are always some ants which take rest while the others are awake.

4. Cockroaches Are Attracted to Alcohol.

Many species of cockroach, particularly the American cockroach are interested in alcohol. Beer is among the most alluring scents to the cockroach.

5. The entire weight of ants on Earth may have outweighed the entire weight of individuals.

Luckily, there are many ants to help out: scientists think there are about 1 million trillion ants on Earth, or one quintillion which together they weigh the same as all of us humans!

6. Nearly 20% of the world’s food supply is consumed by rodents.

The overwhelming majority of rodents are herbivores, then they only eat plants, nuts, and seeds. Their teeth are ideal for chewing through the tough exterior of most nuts, which unfortunately also makes them ideal for chewing through wiring and other elements in your home!

We hope you’ve learned tons through these fun facts about pest control.

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