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Most of the vital decisions of the household, most of the moments of merriment are centred around the sofa. It is that piece of furniture you have acquired after spending a fortune on. So, why not take proper care of this furniture and clean it properly?

There are various types of the sofa as many people have different tastes. Now, we always get a kind of question that says: “how to clean all types of sofa?” Do not worry anymore. We are here with the solution for you.

10 Effective Ways to clean all types of sofa

Cleaning all sofa types is not an easy job. You need to plan and get all the equipment handy. We have listed all the procedures for cleaning different types of sofas. 

1. For Leather sofa

It becomes very difficult to clean a leather sofa, especially if it is white in colour. But it would not get tedious if you know which types of equipment and ingredients to use. So come, let us have a look at the tools you would need for cleaning a leather sofa.

Equipment required for leather sofa cleaning

A cup of white vinegar
One cup of cold water
Mild cleaning detergent
Microfibre cloth
Spray bottle

How to clean a leather sofa?

For cleaning a leather sofa, you need to combine equal portions of white vinegar and cold water. Then you need to put the mixture in a spray bottle. It would be better for you to work in parts. Use the spray and then wash the dirty residue with a microfibre cloth and you are done cleaning the leather sofa.

2. For fabric sofa

Cleaning a fabric sofa is relatively easy if you know which type of ingredients to use in the cleaning procedure. For deep cleaning of a fabric sofa, you need to get hold of certain tools and follow a procedure. 

Tools for cleaning a fabric sofa

Dish soap
Warm water
White vinegar
Alcohol that is used for rubbing
Baby wipes or cloth

Procedure for cleaning a fabric sofa

Provident that your couch is waterproof, you can avail of a water-based cleaning procedure. You can put a few drops of dish soap into a container of water and combine them well. You have to use baby wipes or cloth for applying the solution to the stain. Continue to apply the cloth to the spot until the stain fades.

3. For Suede Couch 

If you do possess a suede couch, what you can do is clean the stains immediately after it has formed. If the stain persists or you have noticed the formation of the statin after a long time then you can use the following equipment to clean it.

Equipment required to clean a suede couch

Seude napping brush
White vinegar
Soft cloth or towel
Suede eraser

Process for cleaning a suede couch 

Dab some white vinegar to a fresh cloth and clean your suede sofa with it. You need to dab the cloth on the stained spots in a circular motion. You can use a suede napping brush or suede eraser to set the fibres back to their original state.

4. For sofa cushion covers

You must be fortunate if you get removable cushion covers with your sofa. For cleaning those sofa cushion covers, all you need to do is remove them and wash them in the washing machine by using detergent.

5. To remove bad odour from sofa

Those of you who have a pet at home, you can find a distinctive pet odour coming from your sofa. While it might not be that displeasing to you, as you love your pet, your guest can find it disturbing. 

You can use baking soda to remove bad odour from your sofa. Lightly and evenly spread baking soda to your entire sofa. Then, let it sit for half an hour. After that, you can use a vacuum brush attachment to suck up the remaining powder from the sofa.

6. For velvet couch

A velvet couch is indeed luxurious and royal. But to maintain it, you need to follow certain steps. You can take the help of a vacuum brush and a soft brush attachment. You need to blot the stained sofa with soapy water until it is no longer dirty. Then, use the vacuum brush to dry it. You must keep the leather furniture away from direct sunlight to prevent damage of it.

7. For faux leather couch

A faux leather couch requires a similar treatment to a leather sofa or couch. Vacuum the surface to eliminate the dust and crumbs. Then, make a cleaning solution with dish soap and warm water. Dab your cloth with the solution and wipe the couch with that cloth and then wipe it away with a clean cloth until it is clean.

8. For silk couch

Silk couch is a delicate fabric so you need to clean it and maintain it with utmost care. You can use a dry cleaning service to clean the silk couch. You can also take the help of a soft cloth and mild detergent to clean a silk couch.

9. For linen couch 

A linen couch is a very sophisticated choice for your room. But to maintain this sophisticated piece of furniture, you must vouch to clean it after a given period of time. For deep cleaning, you can avail of a dry cleaning service. 

10. For woolen couch 

For cleaning a woolen couch you can vacuum up any loose dirt. You are free to use any detergent that is fit for cleaning a woollen material. You can also use a damp cloth to remove the solution residue. 

Final Words 

There are different ways to clean all types of sofa. Various sofa cleaning services help you in the process of cleaning the sofa within your busy life schedule. You must deep clean the sofa frequently to maintain the longevity of the furniture.