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Like any high maintenance thing your car needs your attention time to time or else it will eventually let you down at some point. With the increasing prices of fuels each day and the resources depleting, we all have to find or make ways through which we can get our cars to perform optimally. A little bit of care towards your cars regularly can mean the difference between a car performing flawlessly for years, and continual breakdowns and expensive repairs. You need to make sure that your car is summer ready especially if you are a citizen of UAE because the scorching July-August heat, the hot and humid weather, and all the year-round dust and dirt wafts may have a lasting impression on your car’s overall state. The intensity of heat and light can cause a range of impact from the car’s bodywork damage to evaporation of its fluids and resulting damage from dirt accumulation and overheating. So the question comes down to how should I prepare my car for summers?

Here are 4 summer car care tips to keep your car summer-ready:

Car’s Cooling System

Car Ac system

You must conduct regular maintenance to avoid any unwanted expenses for your car. The topmost priority for summer car maintenance is to check your car’s cooling system. Traveling in a vehicle with a dysfunctional cooling system is one of the the worst thing you can face.

The overheating due to the hot weather might cause your ac to be non-functional. Check your car’s coolant fluid levels, filter change requirement, or for any signs of coolant leakage under the hood. Look for trash-free radiator fins and whether other filters are properly cleaned or not.

The modern air-conditioning systems in cars are quite complex and it could be difficult to find the reasons for your car blowing hot air. Look for signs of a bad ac compressor and book an immediate car service to get it checked.

Checking the fluid levels

Fluid levels of car

The numerous fluids in a car function as lubricants and coolants to continuously reduce friction and remove heat from the various car parts like the engine, to enable their proper functioning. Ensure timely checks of all fluids like brake, transmission or power steering fluids, motor oil levels and the coolant level to ensure the car runs well without getting affected by the sizzling heat outside. Find the summer maintenance schedule for your car to check for the appropriate fluid levels and the car maintenance schedule for various parts.

Protect the exteriors


Car exterior protection

The sunlight can cause great damage to your car’s body and paintwork. You must park your car indoors or under the shades if you are doing it for long hours as it will protect your car from coming in contact with direct sunlight. You can also Use a car body cover if you don’t have the option to park your car in shade. Make sure you don’t wash your car under direct sunlight.

Check battery

Car battery

Batteries are one of the most crucial things to checks in order to keep your your car summer-ready to avoid any damage that could result from overheating. High temperature may increase the car battery’s chemical reaction and it can lead to a overcharged situation and this may affect the life span of your car in the long run. The intense heat can cause quicker evaporation of the car battery fluids, creating a build-up of corrosion in the cable clamps, other connections, and battery terminals. Check regularly for leakages and take care to prevent oxidation from any fluid leakage and heat in the unit.

The intense heat, along with vibrations from an improperly fixated battery unit in the car, during summer, might lead to breakdown or a complete failure. Ensure your battery’s proper placement and keep regular checks on the maintenance and replacement schedules.

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