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Car breakdown or vehicle breakdown is inevitable and you never know actually when you might have to face it. Mostly these situations are uncertain and occur at those times when we are usually not prepared for them. You have to be prepared for such situations if you are a citizen of the UAE.

So below here we have mentioned some steps or tips which you can follow if you ever have to face a vehicle breakdown or similar situation:-

1. Get your vehicle out of the roadway: If while driving any problem arises with your vehicle then turn the vehicle to the side of the road and out of the traffic as long as it is safe to try and do so. Take care in getting out of the vehicle – it is advised to get out of the car from the side opposite to traffic which may be the passenger side door.

2. Make your car visible: When you have brought the car to a stop out of the way of traffic, indicate that you are stopped by using your emergency flashes. Reflective triangles, road flares, and small orange cones can be used in order to alert other drivers in your location. If you have safely exit your car, you must alert other drivers to proceed around you.

3. Call for help: The next step on the list is to call roadside assistance or the police to alert them to your predicament.

4. Assess the situation: If you can handle the situation by yourself such as if your car has run out of petrol and there is a petrol station nearby then you must go ahead.

5. If your car has a flat tyre, do not change it unless it can be done safely: If the flat tyre is located on the opposite side of the car away from the traffic then you can go ahead without putting yourself in danger. However, safety must be the priority over scheduling or other concerns – it is better to wait for the car tow service if you are finding any difficulty in changing the tyres.

6. Learn how to car repair: If you can positively identify the problem, know how to address it, and can do so safely, then go ahead.

7. Stay with your vehicle: If you’ve called for roadside assistance for helping you with the car breakdown then you’ll want to be there when the tow truck arrives.

8. Keep a watch out for uniformed police officers: All highways and major roads are patrolled regularly. It’s only a matter of time before an officer comes to your location to provide assistance.

Above all of the tips you must use common sense: No two breakdowns are the same – location, time of day, the problem, and other factors make each incident unique. If you're aware of the realm and can find help within a short walk.