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Do you remember when was the last time you have cleaned your water tank? Your water tank or water storage system should always meet the highest of hygiene standards. With gradual use, impurities and residues sit at the bottom of your water tank. Eventually leading to the birth of pathogens, bacteria, and germs that contaminate the water that enters and leaves the tank. If you examine the stored water in your tank, you’ll confront the impurities and dirt settled underneath. These bacteria and other germs contaminate the water which you use without knowing how unsafe it is for you. Worried enough about the health risks that follows?

The question here is why cleaning your water tanks time to time is important? Cleaning your water tank regularly is a must, especially for houses having pregnant ladies, elderly people, ailing member, infants or kids. The water storage systems must always be cleaned once in every month or at regular intervals. Are you wondering about how it can be done? Well, we have everything in your interest here. You can either do it yourself, or you can take the help of a water tank cleaning expert available in your vicinity or book one from online service providers such as TelusCare. Appointing a professional for water tank cleaning is always more preferable as it’s about the health and safety of you and your family and professional water tank cleaners are trained to do the best job keeping in mind all the measures.

Dubai Municipality guidelines recommend cleaning your water tank at least once a year Unlike many countries which have the benefit of clean water direct to tap, Dubai residents receive their water through a tank and pump system. This makes the residents of Dubai even more susceptible to water tank contamination as these water tanks, if not maintained properly risk exposure to a host of contaminants. It is therefore quite surprising that most of us pay very little attention to the condition of our water tanks, the main storage system that stores all our water.

Here are 5 reasons you should schedule a water tank cleaning session as soon as possible:

  1. Unclean water tanks act as breeding ground for bacteria:

They can act as a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, making your water tank’s environment susceptible to being contaminated. Moreover, dirt, mould and silt deposits tend to accumulate in your water tank, making the water unfit not only for consumption, but also for daily use.

  1. Contaminated water can lead to water-borne diseases:

Contaminated water can lead to illnesses such as Diarrhoea, Cholera, Typhoid and Lead poisoning. The simple act of cleaning your water tank may assist in protecting your family from such water-borne diseases.

  1. Water tanks can accumulate rust over time:

If you notice that the water running out of your taps has a brownish tinge, your water tank may have accumulated rust and you need to get it checked. Your water tank is also at risk of having pathogenic micro-organisms that may have gained access to your tank through a host. These hosts generally include insects, rodents and other aquatic organisms that may have entered your water tank due to insufficient covering.

  1. Water filtration process may not be effective, if your tank is not clean:

‘‘I use a water filter and hence face no risk of facing water-related ailments” is a classic misconception that needs to change. Even the best of filters might not be able to protect you, if the source at which your water is stored is contaminated.

  1. Helps reduce maintenance cost:

‘Maintenance is always better than cure’ is a common guideline in the handbook of any home-maintenance solutions provider and is a notion we strongly believe should apply to everyone who owns a water tank. If disease is not a good enough incentive to convince you to clean your water tank, we are hoping that the principles of economics will. Periodic maintenance of your water tank is much more cost-effective than expensive last-minute repair work. Regular upkeep of your water tank ensures that your water tank provides you with clean water at all times and is functioning at optimum levels.


Precautions that can help

As we always know ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. Make a practice of getting your water tanks cleanedregularly and stick to the preventive measures. Keep the water tank covered to daunt any dirt, dust, grime, or rainwater enter the tank.

Not only drinking water, but the water used for bathing, freshening up, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, etc. too should be clean to prevent disease and contaminations. Especially after the covid-19 the Protect you need to take more precautions to prevent yourself from water-borne diseases that cause 3.4 million deaths in a year. These diseases include Diarrhoea, Cholera, and other serious ones like Guinea worm disease, and Dysentery. Follow the precautions well in advance to minimize the effect of water-borne diseases.


How TelusCare helps you?

TelusCare features a broad database of legitimate water tank cleaning services that provide cistern cleaning across all Emirates within the UAE. We have sourced tank cleaning services and tank repair services for residential complexes, commercial buildings, bungalows, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. Having cleaned thousands of water tanks for the past 10 years, you'll imagine that we encounter many substances and causes of contamination within residential and commercial water tanks. Hence, we all know how crucial it is to supply a reputed water tank cleaner near you.

We are your one-stop solution to a clean water tank. Our tank cleaners are skilled in cleaning tanks and use very effective, but eco-friendly cleaning solutions to do an intensive cleaning job. The solution they use kills all harmful micro-organisms and flushes out the sludge that gathers on tank floors. The tank cleaners will disinfect the tank and every of the distribution pipelines.

Why choose TelusCare for water tank cleaning service?

  1. Trustworthy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 All the service providers on TelusCare are approved only after a complete background check of                                                                                             To make sure the cleaners are professional, verified, and trained cleaners
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