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If you clean your house regularly and do regular dusting then you might think that that is enough but it’s actually not as cleaning and deep cleaning are two different things and you have to Deep clean your home at least once in two weeks or twice a month.

Basically, Regular home cleaning involves mopping and vacuuming floors, wiping dust off tables, cabinets, pieces of furniture, and fixtures, getting rid of piles of trash, and organizing all things found inside your home. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, involves getting rid of the deep-seated dirt and grime to get rid of the bacteria and germs completely Deep cleaning usually covers the areas which are not cleaned through regular cleaning and that’s why it lasts longer than simple house cleaning.

Professional deep cleaning services offered by the professionals from TelusCare will not only clean your home entirely but will also make sure it is completely free from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses that spread diseases.

Below are some of the benefits of appointing a deep cleaning service every week:


1. Improves Air quality at your home:-

Having poor indoor air quality is not at all good for your family as it can cause various health hazards especially for elder people and children which may include Asthma attacks, hay fever, fatigue, sinus infection, and more serious diseases. A deep cleaning service would actually help you to get rid of all these and would make sure there is no dirt and dust which deteriorate the indoor air quality.


2. Helps to get rid of the bacteria and viruses:-

Mostly it is often true that unclean homes are a shelter for various viruses and bacteria and thus it’s the reason for spreading many of the diseases to the home members. While regular cleaning can make your home look clean from the outside it may not be able to eliminate the germs and bacteria. A deep cleaning service will do the job for you as it is much more effective in

Hiring professional deep cleaning services will help you to keep these viruses and bacteria at bay. You can always calculate and compare the costs from different cleaning services in Dubai and choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Improves Your Mood:-

A clean environment and good hygiene is always a mood booster and you can get your home to look clean and spotless with regular cleaning services but deep cleaning service is much better when it comes to getting rid of the germs and bacteria completely.


It’s very much possible to get a sparkling bright home that is clutter-free and organized properly with the help of a professional deep cleaning service. Deep cleaning services ensure proper cleaning of all the areas where regular cleaning isn’t necessarily done and thus help you in maintaining a healthy home.

4. Keep the Pests at bay:-

Deep cleaning may help you to keep the pests at bay as we know that pests are attracted towards dirt and unhygienic environment and that’s why it might not be a surprise that you are trying too hard to get rid of all those pests with various methods but simply a deep cleaning service does the job for you. Pest control service followed by a deep cleaning service might be the best treatment for pests.

5. Helps You Achieve the perfectly Clean Kitchen :-

Regular cleaning will help you to keep your kitchen look decent and well organized but if you want to get a healthy kitchen and get rid of all the germs and viruses then you have to appoint a deep cleaning service from a professional cleaning company.

With deep cleaning, it goes extra mile to ensure that your microwave is mess -free, meaning all food buildup inside will be brushed off thoroughly. All of the other small appliances will also be cleansed along with that.


Those are just some of the benefits of a deep cleaning service. That means you will get a lot more when you actually get your home or office deep cleaned once weekly. So, make sure you get your home deep cleaned regularly without failing in order to achieve the best results in terms of a clean and sparkling home and a healthy and safe environment.