cleaning service

Cleaning plays an important role in our lives and that is why we always try to keep our homes clean but along with that, there is one more place where we spend almost 40-50% of our time and that is our offices. Office cleaning might not be getting the importance as it must get that is why we have come up with some facts which are not known to many people so that everyone gets to know What they have to do the next time.

Here are the same:-

  1. The average office worker comes into contact with more than 10 million bacteria each day.
  2. Air quality inside your office can be worse than outside.
  3. Office desks can contain as much as 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat
  4. The office telephones you use each day may contain over 25000 bacteria per square inch.
  5. A quarter of buttons on water cooler systems are considered to be a chief transmitter of illnesses
  6. 13% of males and 6% of females do not wash their hands after using the toilet and that is why three-quarters of the bathroom tap handles have been known to spread various diseases.
  7. 98% of office workers will contract some form of contagious illness during their professional lives due to poor workplace sanitation.
  8. Sick leaves can be prevented in the office with regular disinfection and sanitization of the office.
  9. Almost 1/3 of office workers claim that the sanitary conditions aggravate their pre-existing allergies.
  10. Only 1/4 of the employees believe that the office has been cleaned up to the standards.
  11. The UAE office cleaning sector accounts for 33% of the overall commercial cleaning industry
  12. The cleaning sector in UAE generates 2.5 million dollars every year
  13. The commercial cleaning sector almost covered half of the cleaning service market in the whole UAE
  14. The top 1% of cleaning companies out of all the cleaning companies in UAE account for over 50% of all jobs
  15. 45% of the cleaning contracts are lost due to poor service

Now you know these bunch of facts which are not actually contemplated but play a very crucial role in maintaining hygiene and health. As far as cleaning services for offices is concerned we have various companies in the United Arab Emirates who provide the same and TelusCare is one among them. We always strive to give the best service for residential and commercial cleaning and thereby build trust