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Compare rate & benefits of required services at single click

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Our medical coverage rates starts from AED 550 and taxes extra.

Teluscare Health Insurance: Compare and Buy the best medical insurance in Sharjah Online.

What is Health Insurance and why is it important?

Health insurance is an assurance or security given by a financial institution against the sum paid to the insurance provider in the form of premium who ensures you that you get cashless treatment or get paid for the expense incurred without risking the pocket or life with good policy cover for illness, injury or surgery. The health insurance company can also provide you cashless hospitalization at wide network of hospitals or reimbursement against the insured sum. As Sharjah is a very expensive city to live so here having a health insurance policy will always be helpful to you against the increasing medical bills. So it is highly recommended to have health insurance in Sharjah.

Compare health insurance quotes in Sharjah with Teluscare

It is always advisable to compare health insurance policy online before purchasing a medical insurance plan in order to get the best health care plans. It is always confusing when it comes to selecting a medical insurance plan or policy as there are many health insurance companies in Sharjah. You don’t need to worried or get confused in such cases, Teluscare will guide you how to get prices or best quotes by calculating.

There are at time people end up buying low insurance policy and won’t get proper cover or claims as they wanted to get or buying higher premiums in which they get such claims which they not required. We have developed our portal in such a way that it will ensure you all information in detailed from where you can choose your plan as per your need.

Types of medical insurance provided by Teluscare

  • Individual health insurance plans for Sharjah
  • Company health insurance plans for Sharjah

Add on and features from Teluscare health insurance service

  1. Dental insurance
  2. Maternity insurance
  3. Eye care insurance
  4. Insurance plans for low income and no salaried individuals
  5. Low premiums available
  6. High medical insurance coverage
  7. Free quotes from various health insurance companies

Benefits of comparing medical insurance online in UAE with Teluscare

  1. Access to right information :
    With Teluscare, you can get exact information about the health insurance plan as per your requirement in an easy manner. It also saves the buyer from agents by buying wrong insurance policy or getting cheated.
  2. Time efficient and convenient :
    Comparing health insurance plan online saves time of buyers because they don’t have to meet agents for selecting and comparing health plans. Moreover buyers can pay premiums, get quotes, renew plans, and document verification completely online.
  3. Cost effective without hampering the pocket :
    When a buyer plans to buy health insurance online, he/she can compare and choose the best medical insurance policy which suits them as per their budget and also there are no hidden or extra charges levied from buyer.
  4. d. Availability of various health insurance companies :
    By buying or comparing insurance policy online on Teluscare portal you will get quotes from various companies which will help you to choose the best medical insurance as per your budget.

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Teluscare offers you with wide range of health insurance plans from various insurance companies across Dubai & UAE. Compare and get free quotes for your medical coverage plans. Check-out our health insurance calculator for better planning.


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