About Control Service

It happens to all of us we clean, we mop, we keep our food covered in containers. We try everything under the sky, but we still see a pest in the house.

TelusCare is the only portal in Academic City - Dubai that helps you book reliable house and office control services in Academic City - Dubai at your fingertips.

It can be stressful to search for control services in Academic City - Dubai, given the wide number of cleaning services available here. We at TelusCare help you find the perfect pest control service in Academic City - Dubai.

You simply need to enter your requirement in our control calculator. The TelusCare portal will offer you a wide range of Pest control service providers in Academic City - Dubai to choose from. You have the flexibility to select any Pest control company near you based on your requirement.

And as they say, if you see one, then there are more. Nobody wants to see a bug in their house, let alone be infested.

Most of the bugs like cockroaches and rats are known for carrying germs on their body, this can cause serious health issues.

However, routine control can help in eradicating and controlling the .

How TelusCare can help you find the best control company in Academic City - Dubai?

  • 1) Identify affordable control companies near your home or office.
  • 2) Choose the type of premises based on your requirement; you also have an option to select from office, warehouse, company premises for office control services in Academic City - Dubai.
  • 3) Select from the numerous Municipality approved; professional, verified and trained pest control providers.
  • 4) Find affordable pest control service in Academic City - Dubai and across UAE using the pest control calculator.
  • 5) Select from controlling services for bed bug, cockroach, rats, termites and more
  • 6) Collect exciting reward points!
How to get the best rates for control in Academic City - Dubai?

TelusCare Control Calculator assures you most affordable control across Academic City - Dubai.

Simply select your desired services, location and schedule from the drop-down menu and hit the calculate tab to get real-time rates and offers from the Municipality approved control services company.

TelusCare provides you the easiest way to compare and book the most affordable control services in Academic City - Dubai and other emirates at one click.

You can book now at price starting from AED 110 for one session.

*All the prices are shown after calculation are VAT excluded.

Do Not Stay at Premises after Control

Do Not Ignore the Guidelines of Technician

Do Not Keep Left Food open in kitchen over night

Do Not use eadible or pots unless its cleaned properly

  • Trustworthy
    All the service providers on TelusCare are approved only after a complete background check of the company. To make sure the workers are professional, verified and trained.
  • Book Now or Schedule
    Browse and select the services directly based on the availability, rate and customer reviews.
  • 360-degree support
    The only online portal that provides 360-degree technology support to book your choice of control service company in Academic City - Dubai.
  • Flexible Contracts
    Flexibility to choose from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning contracts for your home and office.
  • Real-time tracking
    With you from booking the service to service completion.
    TelusCare enables you to monitor real-time schedule and job progress even when you are away from home.
  • Promotions and Reward Points
    Exciting discounts and reward points are available at the time of booking.
  • What more?
    TelusCare e-wallets and reward programs for easy online bookings and chance to avail free services! – (coming soon)

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Frequently asked questions

TelusCare gives you a chance to compare and choose from the best pest control service providers in Academic City - Dubai without a pause on one portal. Simply select the type of service and location, premises, schedule and hit calculate tab to get rates and the offers from choosing with real-time availability.