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Your workplace is where you spend almost 1/3 of the day and even more sometimes. Cleaning your offices are very important. It has been proven that a neat and clean office boosts productivity by almost 30% and therefor it is recommended to get your office deep cleaned weekly.

It is always recommended to appoint professional cleaning services who have pro cleaners to do the job. There are a lot of things you can get wrong while following the DIY cleaning tips and you want to avoid these things for sure so here are the list of 5 things which you must avoid while office cleaning

Using the wrong method or tools for cleaning

Different surfaces require different materials and methods to clean for instance you cannot use the floor cleaner to clean the glasses and either way the glass cleaner for floors and this applies to any other objects and materials in your office too.

You must use the right tools for the right objects to clean or else you must wait for the professional cleaners to arrive and do the job, and if you are trying to clean the office by yourself like as many people do it themselves so as to imbibe the habit of maintaining cleanliness then make sure you do it the right way.

You must follow the instructions mentioned on the product and also use it in the right quantity and manner.

Damp dusting over Dry Dusting

Dry dusting and damp dusting may seem like similar because the results seen are quite same for both of the methods but what actually not known to many of us is that dry dusting doesn’t really wipes away the dust it just shifts them aside thereby having no real effect but damp dusting actually helps to wipe the dust away for real and thus it is more effective method to be followed.

Using more water

While cleaning the office make sure you use water wisely and on the right places as the office floors can take quite can take quite long to dry out. There can be a lot of things in your office which can catch rust due to water further the electrical systems and electronic items are also not really good companion of water so make sure that you keep water away from them.

Using a vacuum cleaner for everything:-

Simply vacuuming the entire office will not actually clean it and many people are actually doing it either because they are too lazy or they don’t know about the right method to clean. Along with vacuuming you need to clean the desks and the materials in your office through damp dusting and also

Not Emptying the Trash Bin Daily

This is one of the most common mistakes and it is also neglected by many of us so often but disposing the garbage bags daily is very important. As the garbage disposal can attract pests and other unwanted guests if you want to keep them away along with the unpleasant smell then you have to dispose the garbage bags on a daily basis.

As said above the best way to avoid these mistakes is to hire a professional cleaning services which will not only save your time but will also make sure that the job is done as per the expectations and these mistakes are not made in the first place itself.